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Offering over 200 varieties of herbs, wild flowers & strawberries over the year, we have plants and seeds to buy all year round with varieties changing weekly.

Hetty’s online catalogue shows all the plants we offer over the year, to see more information on a specific variety click on the name.

If you have any questions which are not covered on our FAQ page or would like to find out when a variety will be next available, please contact us at Hetty’s.

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We are herb specialists and you will find everything you need from the well-known varieties such as Parsley through to more unusual ones like Mushroom Plant and Samphire.

All of our herbs are grown with slow release fertiliser to help give them the best start. Our 9cm herbs are in full pots which means they are more established and better able to retain moisture.

Amaranth Red    Amaranthus cruentus   Striking, long lasting red flowers, foliage is red and edible

Angelica   Angelica archangelica  Aromatic biennial with hollow stems and finely cut leaves

Balm All Gold  Melissa officinalis ‘All Gold’  Golden leaves with a lemon fragrance

Balm Lemon   Melissa officinalis   Clump forming perennial with lemon scented ovate foliage

Balm Lemon Variegated   Melissa officinalis Aurea   Clump forming perennial has lemon scented variegated foliage

Basil Bush   Ocimum minimum   Compact form which is great for windowsill growing

Basil Lemon  Ocimum minimum   

Basil Purple   Ocimum basilicum var. purpurascens  Highly aromatic plant which is great with rice

Basil Sweet   Ocimum basilicum    Aromatic annual or biennial with bright green leaves and small white flower

Basil Thai   Ocimum basilicum   Produces attractive purple flowers stem if allowed and makes a great addition to a patio

Bergamot Lemon   Monarda citriodora   Attract wildlife to your garden especially bees, flowers are seen in shades of pink to purple

Borage   Borago officinalis   Pretty blue, star shaped, flowers can which last several months, can grow well, even in poor soil

Caraway Carum carvi  Biennial plant which grows in an erect form with deeply divided fern-like foliage. Umbels of pinky-white flowers from mid summer

Cardoon   Cynara cardunculus   Clump forming perennial with silver foliage, large blue thistle-like flowers

Catmint  Nepeta racemosa  Violet-blue flowering herb adored by cats and other wildlife

Catnep  Nepeta cataria  The flowers are highly attractive to bees and cats alike!

Celery Leaf   Apium graveolens var.secalinum   Also known as Chinese celery, it is cultivated in Eastern Asian countries for it’s edible flavourful stalks and leaves

Chamomile Double   Chamaemelum nobile Flore Pleno  Forms a mat of aromatic foliage with double white flowers appearing in summer

Chamomile German  Matricaria recutita  Flower heads suitable to make tea with sweet aroma

Chamomile Lawn   Chamaemelum nobile Treneague   Lawn Chamomile grows in a mat like form of NON FLOWERING apple scented perennial foliage

Chamomile Roman   Chamaemelum nobile   Aromatic perennial, finely divided foliage which forms a hardy ornamental mat. Single white daisy flowers in summer.

Chervil  Anthriscus cerefolium   Fragrant leaves and slightly anise flavour, could be grown in a garden otherwise ideal on a kitchen windowsill

Chicory   Cichorium intybus   Tall hardy perennial herb with large dandelion-like foliage. China blue flowers open daily during the summer months

Chives  Allium schoenoprasum   Easy to grow, both leaves & flowers can be harvested for use in summer dishes, soups & salads

Chives Garlic   Allium tuberosum   Pretty white start shaped flowers in summer which grow from the top of the fine leaves

Coriander  Coriander Sativum   An essential for Oriental cooking enthusiasts

Coriander Vietnamese   Persicaria odorata  Attractive foliage plant with hot and spicy flavour

Cotton Lavender   Santolina chamaecyparissus   Strongly aromatic shrub with silver-grey woolly foliage, traditionally clipped into a hedge and used for edging   

Curry Big  Helichrysum italicum   Silvery-grey foliage with a strong curry aroma

Curry Dwarf   Helichrysum italicum microphyllum   Dwarf bushy evergreen shrub with silver-grey leaves and clusters of small yellow flowers

Curry Korma   Helichrysum italicum   Silver-grey leaves and clusters of small yellow flowers

Dill  Anethum Graveolens  Fish lovers favourite herb

Echinacea Purpurea  Robust perennial perfect for a cottage garden

Evening Primrose   Oenothera erythosepala  Spires of cup-shaped fragrant, bright yellow flowers show in summer, flowers open during the evening

Fennel Bronze  Foeniculum vulgare Purpureum   Slight aniseed scent

Fennel Green   Foeniculum vulgare  Hardy perennial herb with yellow flowers and feathery leaves

Fenugreek   Trigonella foenum-graecum    

Feverfew Gold  Tanacetum parthenicum Aureum  Striking yellow foliage. It provides good colour throughout winter

Heartsease   Viola tricolor  Edible flowers and it is also used in herbal remedies

Horseradish  Armoracia rusticana  Roots can be lifted in Winter, washed and grated to make your own horseradish sauce

Hyssop Blue   Hyssopus officinalis    Bushy plant with an upright habit short spike-like green leaves and deep blue flower spikes

Hyssop Pink   Hyssopus officinalis Roseus  Dwarf, semi-evergreen aromatic shrub, dense spikes of pink tubular flowers mid summer

Hyssop White   Hyssopus officinalis ‘Albus  

Lavender Blue Star   Lavandula Stoechas   Dense bushy shrub producing deep purple flowers Mid Summer to early Autumn and attracting wildlife to your garden

Lavender Dwarf Blue   Lavandula angustifolia    This variety is hardy and makes a good rockery plant

Lavender Edelweiss  Lavandula x intermedia Edelweiss   Broad leaves with long flower stalks means they are ideal for use as a cut flower

Lavender Fathead  Lavandula Stoechas  Superb scent with dense bushy foliage, flowers can be added to soup

Lavender Hidcote  Lavandula Angustifolia   Deep purple fragrant flowers during the summer which are loved by bees and nectar loving insects

Lavender Munstead  Lavandula Angustifolia   Lovely with lamb and can be used to make herbal tea

Lavender Pinnata   Lavandula stoechas   Attractive two tone purple flowers will appear mid Summer to early Autumn

Lavender Provence   Lavandula Int   Small Violet flowers which both bees and butterflies adore

Lavender Rosea   Lavandula Angustifolia   Grey-green foliage with very pale pink foliage

Lavender Vera   Lavandula x intermedia Vera   Hardy shrub with aromatic silver-grey foliage. Pale blue-violet fragrant flowers in summer

Lemon Grass   Cymbopogon citratus   Fragrant leaves traditionally used in cooking

Lovage   Levisticum Officinale   Large clump forming celery scented perennial. Tiny yellow-green flowers mid summer

Marigold Pot   Calendula officinalis    Colourful hardy annual which will produce brilliant orange flowers

Marjoram Compact   Origanum Vulg. Compactum    Small bushy perennial with aromatic green foliage with pink flowers in the summer

Marjoram Sweet   Origanum Majorana   Marjoram Sweet has a wonderful scent.  White flower clusters will be produced during the summer

Mint After Eight   Mentha x piperita After Eight              

Mint Apple   Mentha suaveolens   Clump forming perennial has rounded downy aromatic foliage

Mint Banana   Mentha arvensis   A little more unusual as it has a trailing habit.  You will find that it attracts wildlife to our garden

Mint Basil   Mentha x piperita citrata Basil   Clump forming hardy perennial has rounded aromatic foliage. Spikes of pink-lilac flowers late summer

Mint Berries and Cream   Mentha Berries & Cream   Spikes of lilac flowers in summer and has a unique fruity aroma and flavour and makes a good rockery plant

Mint Chocolate   Mentha x piperita f.citrata. Chocolate   Adds a twist to your favourite chocolate puddings

Mint Eau de Cologne   Mentha x piperita f.citrata   Clump forming perennial has rounded aromatic foliage. Spikes of pink-lilac flowers late summer

Mint Garden   Mentha Spicata  Traditionally used in mint sauce and with new potatoes

Mint Ginger   Mentha Gentilis   Oval, pointed variegated, gold and green, mint scented leaves

Mint Grapefruit   Mentha x piperita f. citrata   Zesty citrus fragrance, it also has attractive foliage so will make a lovely addition to your garden

Mint Indian   Satureja douglasii   Highly fragrant trailing perennial which blooms for many months

Mint Jessica’s Sweet Pear   Mentha Jessicas Sweet Pear   Vigorous upright mint with attractive foliage and lilac flowers, elongated leaves which are slightly silvery

Mint Lemon   Mentha piperita citrata    Pale purple flowers appear mid summer to early Autumn will attract bees

Mint Lime   Mentha piperita citrata Lime   Clump forming perennial has rounded aromatic foliage. Spikes of pink-lilac flowers in summer

Mint Mojito  Mentha Mojito   Deep scent with a compact habit

Mint Moroccan  Mentha spicata var. crispa Moroccan    Bright green with clear, sweet mint flavour.  Tiny white flowers in summer

Mint Orange   Mentha x piperita f. citrata   Culinary uses which include being added to Summer drinks.  Its scent makes a nice addition to bath water

Mint Peppermint   Mentha piperita   Strong peppermint scent which makes a lovely addition to summer drinks and it can also be added to cakes

Mint Pineapple   Mentha Suaveolens Variegata   Clump forming perennial, white variegated aromatic foliage. Pinky-white flowers in summer

Mint Spanish   Mentha Spicata   Flowers from early summer and continue until autumn

Mint Spearmint   Mentha spicata   A clump forming hardy perennial with strongly aromatic green foliage. Lilac flowers can be seen in early summer

Mint Strawberry   Mentha Strawberry   Bright green leaves which smell and taste of strawberries with a hint of peppermint, edible lilac flowers

Mint Tashkent   Mentha spicata var. crispa Tashkent    Oval, pointed variegated, gold and green, mint scented leaves

Mushroom Plant   Rungia Klossii    Green bushy foliage with unusual mushroom flavour

Nasturtium   Tropaeolum Majus Alaska   The red orange flowers look lovely in salads, adding both colour and flavour. High in vitamin C and iron

Onion Welsh   Allium Fistulosum   Mild onion taste, often used in Chinese cooking

Oregano Country Cream   Origanum vulgare Country Cream   Green and white variegated foliage, attracts bees and butterflies    

Oregano Golden French   Origanum vulgare   Hardy perennial, good ground cover with pale pink flowers rich in nectar

Oregano Hot & Spicy   Origanum Vulgare    Oval grey, green slightly hairy leaves that have a strong flavour

Oregano   Origanum vulgare   Bushy perennial with purple flowers used regularly in Italian cooking

Parsley Curled   Petroselium Crispum Crispum   Dark green leaves with a tight curl.  Rich source of vitamin C and iron

Parsley French   Petroselium Crispum    Flat, deep green leaves with a strong flavour

Parsley JapaneseCryptotaenia japonica  Oriental salad herb, sometimes called mitsuba, hardy and aromatic with bright green lobed leaves

Pennyroyal   Mentha pulegium   Mat forming hardy perennial which has tiny aromatic foliage. Lilac flowers will appear in late summer

Rocket Salad   Eruca sativa   Popular peppery salad vegetable, flowers are creamy white with purple veins and yellow stamens 

Rocket Sweet   Hesperis matronalis   Tall with purple scented flowers late spring and dark green foliage,  flowers are most scented at night.

Rocket Wild   Eruca vesicaria   This half hardy annual is fast growing and produces small yellow flowers in the late summer

Rosemary   Rosmarinus officinalis   The traditional herb to cook with lamb, also great on a BBQ

Rosemary Barbeque   Rosmarinus officinalis    Easy to grow aromatic, evergreen shrub.  Can be used as a low hedge which should be trimmed after flowering

Rosemary Blue Lagoon   Rosmarinus officinalis Blue Lagoon   Makes a great container variety with its aromatic dark semi trailing foliage and dark blue flowers

Rosemary Miss Jessop’s   Rosmarinus officinalis Miss Jessop’s Upright   Aromatic evergreen, upright habit produces mid-blue flowers

Rosemary Pink   Rosmarinus officinalis Roseus   An aromatic evergreen shrub, which has upright branches and as the name suggests, unusual pink flowers

Rosemary Trailing   Rosmarinus officinalis Prostratus   Beautiful bee attracting trailing plant with blue flowers

Rosemary Upright   Rosmarinus Officinalis   Can be clipped into a formal hedge and will produce pale blue flowers during mid-late Spring

Sage Blackcurrant   Salvia microphylla   Cerise flowers are more striking than some herbs appearing late summer

Sage Clary   Salvia sclarea    Mainly grown for its oil and used in aromatherapy.  Produces very pretty fragrant flowers from mid summer to mid autumn

Sage Icterina   Salvia officinalis Icterina   Perennial yellow and green evergreen plant which seldom flowers

Sage Pineapple   Salvia Elegans Rutilans   Bushy light green leaves strongly pineapple scented, scarlet flowers 0n short spikes in winter and spring

Sage Purple   Salvia officinalis purpurea    Aromatic purple -Grey Foliage with violet purple flowers in summer

Sage   Salvia officinalis    Traditional herb for stuffing mixes and a key ingredient in many sausages

Sage Tangerine  Salvia elegans  Foliage has a tangerine like scent

Sage Tricolour   Salvia officinalis Tricolor   Aromatic purple, white and pink foliage with violet blue flowers in summer

Samphire   Salicornia europaea   Also called sea asparagus due to it’s bright green stalks which resemble asparagus spears

Savory Winter   Satureja montana   Spicy peppery taste, perfect for winter stews

Sorrel   Rumex acetosa  Hardy perennial which has green stems and large long stalked foliage which is edible

Sorrel Bloody Dock   Rumex sanguineus sanguineus  Produces showy foliage and the seed heads will attract birds into your garden

St Johns Wort   Hypericum perforatum   Upright perennial with small oval leaves and clusters of star-shaped yellow flowers

Stevia   Stevia Rebaudiana    Naturally bushy plant which will over winter on a bright windowsill in a cool room

Strawberry Alpine   Fragaria Vesca   Petite, sweet berries, perfect for decorating cakes and desserts

Sweet Cicely   Myrrhis odorata   Aniseed scented perennial with bright green leaves and white flowers

Tarragon French   Artemisia Dracunculus  Woody-based, upright perennial with lance shaped aromatic leaves & small pale yellow flower heads in late summer

Thyme Archers Gold   Thymus Citriod   Lemon scented with lovely gold foliage

Thyme Caborn Wine & Roses   Thymus Vulgaris   Mat-forming evergreen with small, aromatic, dark green leaves and tiny crimson flowers in summer

Thyme Caraway   Thymus herba-barona    Good with Roast Beef   

Thyme Common   Thymus vulgaris compactus   Essential ingredient in many Mediterranean dishes.  Gives good ground cover

Thyme Creeping Lemon  Thymus Citriod   The foliage has a lovely lemon scent and will produce small pink flowers in the late spring- early summer

Thyme Creeping Red  Thymus Serpyllum   The foliage has a lovely scent and will produce small red flowers in the summer months

Thyme Doone Valley   Thymus Citriodorus Doone Valley   Lemon scented, golden variegated foliage produces lavender flowers in summer

Thyme Foxley   Thymus pulegioides Foxley    Flowers late spring and early summer

Thyme Jekka’s   Thymus Jekka’s    Flowers all spring

Thyme Lemon   Thymus Citridorus    Upright aromatic sub-shrub with lemon scented foliage which produces pinky-mauve flowers during the summer.

Thyme Lemon Curd   Thymus serpyllum Lemon Curd   Ground covering, lemon scented foliage produces pink flowers in early summer

Thyme Lemon VariegatedThymus Citridorus aureus   Produces pink flowers during Summer which are not only pretty but also highly attractive to wildlife

Thyme Orange   Thymus Fragrantissimus   Grey-Green leaves extremely fragrant with a beautiful scent of balsam and oranges

Thyme Pink Chintz   Thymus serpyllum   Ground covering aromatic foliage pink flowers in summer, creeping habit and hardy evergreen attractive to wildlife

Thyme Pink Ripple   Thymus Serphyllum   Attractive lemon fragrance  

Thyme Silver Posie   Thymus vulgaris Silver Posie   Upright and aromatic, silver variegated foliage with pink flowers in summer

Thyme Silver Queen    Thymus citridorus   Pretty marbled leaves which are lemon scented, yet another variety that will attract wildlife to your garden

Thyme Snowdrift   Thymus serpyllum Snowdrift   Mat-forming with trailing stems, mid-green leaves and white flowers in summer

Thyme Sparkling Bright  Thymus sparkling bright  Dwarf shrub with green leaves and pink flowers in summer

Thyme Tabor   Thymus   Fragrant pink flowers in Summer, big leaves give a strong aroma, hardy evergreen perennial

Thyme Wooly   Thymus Praecox Pseudolanuginosus   Dense ground-covering mat of tiny hairy leaves.  Tiny Pink flowers in the summer.

Tree Spinach   Chenopodium giganteum   Rapid growing herb which produces stunning foliage, two tone leaves are a real eye catcher on this hardy annual

Verbena Lemon   Aloysia Triphylla   Fragrant lemon scented leaves which have many culinary uses

Watercress   Nasturtium Officinale  Peppery leaves commonly used in salads and soups   

Woad  Isatis tinctoria   Flowers are yellow and develop into large flat, blue-black seedheads

The following varieties may be included in Hetty’s Collections and may be available to order individually in the future: Aztec Sweet Herb, Balm All Gold, Basil Cinnamon, Basil Green Ruffles, Basil Lemon, Basil Magic White, Basil Spicy Globe, Chop Suey Greens, Echinacea purpurea, Lavender Madrid Blue, Lavender Papillon, Lavender Silver Sands, Marigold Mexican, Mint Lavender, Mint Mojito, Mizuna, Red Orach, Rosemary Arp, Rosemary Tuscan Blue and Society Garlic


Our Wild Flowers are in 10.5cm pots

Bellflower Clustered    Campanula glomerata    Dark green leaves and deep bell-like violet-blue flowers.  Long flowering season, extremely attractive to bees and other pollinators

Betony   Stachys officinalis  Grassland perennial with attractive Red-purple (and occaisionally white) flowers are magnets for bees.

Birds Foot Trefoil   Lotus corniculatus   Creeping perennial which is a rich source of nectar that draws butterflies and bees from a wide surrounding area

Campion Red   Silene dioica   Supports several species  of butterfly as well as bees

Campion White   Silene latifolia albus   Highly attractive to moths who enjoy it’s nectar

Corn Cockle    Bellis perennis 

Corn Poppy  Papaver rhoeas    Classic Wild Poppy

Cornflower  Centaurea cyanus    Bright blue flowers with ruffled petals and violet blue centres, supports bees and butterflies

Cowslip  Primula veris   Yellow flowers carried at the end of tall, slender stems

Field Poppy  Papaver rhoeas  The traditional emblem of remembrance, the Classic Wild Poppy has a brilliant scarlet tissue paper like flowers (seed only)

Field Scabious  Knautia Arvensis   Producces an abundance of lilac, pin-cushion flowers

Forget Me Not  Myosotis arvensis  Dainty Blue Flowers which will attract early butterflies

Fox n Cubs  Hieracium aurantiacum  Hairy herbaceous summer flowering perennial has beautiful small, dandelion like, burnt orange flowers

Foxglove  Digitalis purpurea  This elegant native perennial is a cottage garden classic, and supports an impressive variety of wildlife

Herb Robert  Geranium robertianum  Annual member of the Wild Geranium family with pale pink flower growing in hedgerows and woodland edges

Honesty  Lunaria annua 

Jacob’s Ladder  Polemonium caeruleum  Lavender-blue flowers are star-shaped and create a ladder like appearance up the stem

Lady’s Bedstraw   Galium verum   Yellow flowers which attract a host of butterflies, moths and bees during the summer

Meadow Clary  Salvia pratensis 

Meadow Cranesbill  Geranium pratense    Clump forming with clusters of saucer-shaped blue or violet flowers attractive to bees and butterflies

Milk Thistle  Silybum Marianum

Oxeye Daisy   Leucanthemum vulgare   Perennial with dark green leaves and solitary white, daisy like flower heads

Oxlip  Primula elatior  Early flowering perennial provides nectar for the first emerging bees and butterflies.  Pale yellow flowers grow in clusters

Perennial Flax  Linum perenne 

Primrose   Primula vulgaris  Much loved herbacious perennial with cheery pale yellow scented flowers

Ragged Robin  Lychnis flos-cuculi

Red Clover   Trifolium pratense   Rich in nectar, an important host for butterflies, moths and small garden mammals

Sea Pink (Thrift)  Armeria Maritima

Selfheal   Prunella vulgaris   Patch-forming perennial that spreads by means of it’s creeping rooting stems

Small Scabious  Scabiosa columbaria   Attractive native perennial  with large, lilac/steel blue flower heads

St John’s Wort  Hypericum perforatum  Upright perennial with small oval leaves and clusters of star-shaped yellow flowers

Sweet Violet  Viola odorata  Low growing with heart shaped leaves and beautifully fragrant purple-blue flowers (seeds only)

Teasel Wild   Dipsacus fullonum   Seeds provide a rich food source for several species of birds

Toad Flax  Linaria vulgaris  Perennial with yellow snapdragon-like flowers and greyish foliage

Valerian   Valeriana officinalis   Scented leaves and rounded clusters of small pink or white flowers in summer

Viper’s Bugloss  Echium vulgare  Bristly biennial with spikes of bell shaped violet blue flowers attractive to bees

Wild Wallflower  Erysimum cheiri    Dark green foliage with bright flowers in a range of colours and a lovely fragrance

Wild Basil   Clinopodium vulgare   A perennial plant which produces whorls of bright pink flowers at the top of each stem

Wild Carrot  Daucus carota  Foliage is decorative and leaves are similar to the cultivated carrot whilst producing a white flower head

Wild Flower Daisy   Bellis perennis  Common daisy often found in lawns.  Small individual flowers with yellow centres and white petals

Wild Strawberry   Fragaria Vesca   White flowers in late spring followed by crop of petite bright red berries

Other varieties which may be included in Hetty’s Collections are: Bladder Campion, Bugle, Corn Chamomile, Corn Cockle, Flat Sea Holly, Forget me Not, Globe Thistle, Heartsease, Honesty, Kidney Vetch, Meadow Buttercup, Meadow Clary, Meadow Saxifrage, Milk Thistle, Mullein Great, Perennial Flax, Ragged Robin, Salad Burnett, Sea Pink, Silver Star Thistle, Sneezewort and St Johns Wort


Our Strawberries are pot grown in 9cm pots, from small crown plants, and establish rapidly after planting. Hetty’s strawberry plants will normally fruit in the first year.

Strawberry Alice   Fragaria Ananassa   Late-season variety

Strawberry Cambridge Favourite   Fragaria Ananassa   Mid-season.  Medium sized berries with a good flavour.  Excellent disease resistance

Strawberry Elsanta   Fragaria Ananassa   Mid-season variety producing bumper crops of succulent, orange-red berries

Strawberry Eros   Mid-season variety

Strawberry Florence   Fragaria Ananassa   Late-season variety, prolific cropper with exceptional disease-resistance

Strawberry Hapil   Fragaria Ananassa   Early to mid season, heavy cropping cultivar with large glossy fruit

Strawberry Honeoye   Fragaria Ananassa    Early-season, heavy-yielding, variety that’s famous for its sensational flavour and texture

Strawberry Pegasus   Fragaria Ananassa    Available soon contact us to be notified>   Late-season,  sweet and juicy, ideal for organic gardeners, it thrives in a heavier soil

Strawberry Red Gauntlet   Fragaria Ananassa   Mid-season, supremely reliable variety that bears bumper crops of succulent red berries.

Strawberry Sophie   Fragaria Ananassa   Late-season variety with uniform, conical fruits of a rich, dark red

Strawberry Sweetheart   Early-season

The following varieties may be included in Hetty’s Collections and may be available to order individually in the future: Strawberry Alice, Strawberry Calypso and Strawberry Sweetheart


Our Chilli Plants are pot grown in 1 Litre pots

Chilli Pepper Apache   Capscicum Annuum   Popular Patio Chilli, producing small hot fruit

Chilli Pepper Basket of Fire   Capscicum Annuum   Compact, ornamental, fruitful and hot! Ideal centre piece for a patio or as a hanging basket

Chilli Pepper Cayenne   Capscicum Annuum   Hot & flavoursome, ideal for drying

Chilli Pepper Demon Red   Capscicum Annuum   Compact, decorative with upward pointing small hot fruit

Chilli Pepper Jalapeno   Capscicum Annuum   Robust and tall, producing very hot fruit

Chilli Pepper Scotch Bonnet   Capscicum Annuum    Short, bushy & one of the hottest varieties available


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