Growing Tips


All of our strawberries are the Fragaria x ananassa species and are quite easy to grow.  They are perennial, winter hardy and thrive in full sunshine but need fertile, well drained soil.  Healthy plants will produce plentiful fruit for three to four years after which the plants should be replaced.

Strawberries are best planted in mounds, especially if drainage can be a problem.  Plant 12″-15″ apart with the crown above soil level and the roots 1/4″ below soil level.

A heavy mulch or sawdust, grass clippings, straw or even plastic sheeting should be added to prevent weeds and to retain moisture.

We can supply various different varieties which are known to fruit at different times within the season (these can be seen within each product or alongside each other in our catalogue), we also can supply a collection which incorporates early, mid and late fruiting varieties so that you have fruit all season long, to purchase, please click here or to see our full range, please click here

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