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Protect your herbs for winter

Protect your herbs for winter

You’ve spent all spring and summer nurturing and looking after your herbs don’t don’t forget some will require a little more tlc to help them through winter.  Help prevent losing your plants due to frost and waterlogging by giving them a little extra attention.

The wet weather can kill more herbs in winter than the cold alone so move any pots and containers to a more sheltered position such as the side of the house or wall, this helps avoid about 25% of rainfall.  Raising pots by standing on bricks or similar will help ensure the containers are well drained.  Only water during the winter if pots are very light (hence compost is too dry) and do so in the morning rather than night time when frosts are more likely.

Trim evergreen herbs to a dome shape (don’t forget the cuttings can be preserved) to protect from high winds, ensure you don’t prune too hard as they may not recover.

Some herbs naturally die back in winter, such as tarragon and mint but will generally grow back (if in a location where they won’t get frozen) in the spring.

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