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Verbena Lemon Tea

Verbena Lemon Tea

Drinking the tea after meals may help reduce indigestion and heartburn, it may also help to fight bacteria that may be causing digestive problems. The tea also is said to have a calming nature when digestive issues are caused by nervousness. It may also have a cleansing effect on the intestines removing harmful bacteria that could be causing issues like diarrhea or colic. Alongside these the infusion may bring relief when suffering from constipation, intestinal cramps or bloating, colon spasms and flatulence.

Verbena Lemon Tea may also be calming and help to relieve stress, it’s said to calm the mind and body and soothe the nervous system. It can also aid sufferers of insomnia.

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Quick guide to making a cup of Verbena Lemon Tea

  • Bring Water to the boil
  • In a teapot, place either 2 teasoons of dried lemon verbena leaves or 1/4 cup of fresh leaves (5 or 6 leaves) per cup of water your teapot holds. Chopping up the leaves will allow for a better release of aromas, flavours and medicinal compounds into the hot water
  • Pour boiling water over the verbena and let it steep for 5 to 10 minutes. The longer the tea steeps, the stronger the infusion will be. If the tea gets a grassy taste you may want to reduce steeping time
  • Strain the tea into a tea cup to stop the infusion. It should be a pleasant zingy, citrus taste. If you need to, add a little honey to sweeten the drink and enjoy whilst hot
  • To help improve digestion, drink a cup of the tea after the two main meals of the day

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