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Lavender is an easy to grow, drought resistant shrub which produces masses of beautifully scented flowers.  It thrives in containers, borders and gardens.

It is best planted between April and May and like Thyme, thrives in poor and low fertile soil in sunny spots.  Water regularly during the summer but keep on the dry side in winter and keep in a greenhouse or by the side of walls.  Prune your plants every year to keep them compact.  When plants are established, remove flower stalks and about 2.5 cm (1 inch) if the current year’s growth making sure that some green remains.  For Lavender hedges, Hidcote is the ideal variety spacing between 12″ and 15″ apart (approx 3-5 per meter) giving you a beautiful and fragrant traditional English hedge.

We have a great range of lavenders available, including the following:

  • Lavender Hidcote
    This is one of the most popular varieties, named after Major Lawrence Johnson, a British garden designer and plantsman.  He was the owner and designer of Hidcote Manor in Gloucestershire.  It has a silvery foliage and dark purple-blue flowers which late spring until early summer.  It is one of the strongest-scented varieties.  It received it’s first Royal Horticultural Society Award in 1932 and another in 2002 proving that this is a timeless variety (also available to buy in larger quantities here)
  • Lavender Kew Red
    Kew Red was introduced by Kew Gardens in 1999 and is a beautiful Deep Pink to Red colour.  Bees and butterflies both love this variety, it’s also highly aromatic.  Like many lavenders, it thrives in full sun and dry to medium soil.  It creates a sunning hedge in the summer time with it’s masses of flowers
  • Lavender Fathead
    A more compact variety which blooms almost continuously from mid-late spring to late summer, it has plump round flower heads topped with long lasting dark purple flowers which fade to pink as they mature, silver foliage and again highly aromatic, another variety loved by bees and butterflies

To see our full range of lavenders please click here

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