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Chamomile Lawn

Chamomile Lawn

A chamomile lawn is ideal in sunny areas where footfall is low and makes for a low maintenance lawn with a beautiful apple-like scent.  The Treneague cultivar is the traditional variety used and is non flowering.

A light sandy soil is best for a chamomile lawn, avoid soils which are too dry or equally soils which are too moist but a chamomile lawn does requires some degree of moisture.   The lawn does not require regular mowing, just once at the end of the summer is normally sufficient.  This lawn is also not recommended for areas where dogs may foul as it will kill wherever this happens.

Plant your lawn in a weed freed area, if necessary spray the area with weed killer a couple of weeks prior to planting to reduce weed growth.  Plants can be spaced between 10cm and 20cm apart, depending on how patient a gardener you are and how quickly you would like to see fuller coverage.  If planting 15 cm apart with the rows staggered then you will need around 50 plants per square metre.  The plants should then not be walked on for at least 12 weeks.  Your lawn can be planted from April to early September, once planted your lawn will stay green even in dry summers unlike a traditional lawn.

Click here for plants or here for plugs.

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